WatchTower for Individuals and Families protects you against sophisticated cyberattacks utilizing best-in-class technology calibrated by Onyx analysts.

Onyx security analysts use the cloud to deploy and monitor data to protect your entire digital footprint.

Analysts monitor data from laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, and home networks, to protect against cyberattacks that can jeopardize your identity and steal your financial data.

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WatchTower for Individuals

WatchTower for Families

Watchtower for Individual

Watchtower for Families

Starting at $499/month

Starting at $1,099/month

*For a family of 5
  • Endpoint technology for laptop and desktop computers
  • Monitored mobile technology for mobile phones and tablets
  • Network technology for home networks or other internet-facing locations, such as vacation properties, home-offices, and secondary residences
  • Monthly reporting on security threats, trends, and data issues compiled and analyzed by trained Onyx security analysts

Personal Subscriptions Include:

Advanced network technology to secure your home and internet connections, and protect your devices while you’re on the road

Best-in-class endpoint protection for your desktops and laptops that can stop the most advanced next-generation threats

Business-class applications for your mobile devices and tablets to extend the same security to your mobile world

Be the best unhackable version of yourself.

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