Be the best unhackable version of yourself.

Finally, an elite security service designed to meet your everyday needs and protect your greatest asset. You.

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Have peace of mind knowing your digital footprint is protected by the best.

At home and abroad, Onyx provides full service security for you, your family, and your personal devices.

Onyx’s WatchTower solution is the first cybersecurity service designed exclusively for individuals that combines technology and human expertise to reduce and thwart potential cyberattacks. It’s tailor-made, just for you.

We’ve created monthly subscription options to meet your unique security needs.

Each subscription utilizes the latest and most advanced technology to protect your computers, mobile devices, home and business internet connections, and email.

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360 Protection

Our unmatched security services extend beyond you. Let Onyx protect the things that also bring you great pride. Choose from our services below and contact us to design customized solutions for your needs.


We employ highly-trained security agents to deliver personalized and discreet protection.

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We design, install, and manage your day to day security operations to provide a safe living environment.

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We provide logistical and personnel services to ensure your domestic and international trips are stress-free.

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Be the best unhackable version of yourself.

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